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NanoEngineering Supermaterials

An introduction to Nano-Science, and NanoTechnology and what it means for the information age! Explanations of current Nanotechnology which has been back-engineered from crashed Alien spacecraft.

Theoretical Quasicrystals 11 TIMES HARDER THAN DIAMOND!


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  1. Aliendisc says:


  2. Heiro101 says:

    Well clear would be …
    Well clear would be the simple way to put it.
    However it could have a colour, but we don’t have the control over them to be able to find out.
    That’s simply put, however there’s a of a lot more I could have said but I doubt you’d listen. So scientists don’t de-bunk me, I’m simplifying drastically. No offence “AnEliteSpartan” but you should really refresh your knowledge on how light works rather than having a go at someone when they try to answer your question.

  3. swirlcrop says:

    Good posting.
    Good posting.

  4. livesay88 says:

    the word nothing is …
    the word nothing is an expression, even in space voids are something and in its called dark matter, so to say nothing, you would have to meen 0 or use it as an expression to a question. for instance: what is wrong? Nothing. 1-1=0 or nothing. there is something in everything.

  5. tmoney4show says:

    wow your words blow …
    wow your words blow my mind

  6. AppA says:

    FUCK U I HAVE 12 …


    you no how mutch …
    you no how mutch good,,,could b donwith this? but dat ant gonna happen,,,can you imagine all the up things thay are trying to build with thid tec,,,,,you wont be able to be a natural human being when thay get this,,,little robots terning off your fruntal cortex,,,good slave now back to work,,,this world is terning in to a night mare. nano isent bad,,but gov is and thay will have this first.

  8. MrRodneykawecki says:

    Alien scientist… …
    Alien scientist…great stuff..but on antigravity bushnell on you tube…SUPPERTELLIC UNIVERSE THEORY..KAWECKI…DISCLOSE..THE BOOK..

  9. 1imax111 says:


  10. zerobubbel says:

    And that means …
    And that means nothing. It is also impossible to create nothing from something because you will always have something and that is not nothing. The other way around it is also not possible to make something out of nothing. Isn’t that something?

  11. GravWave says:

    People who have …
    People who have touched and folded the Roswell material say that you can’t “feel” it. Any explanation to why that is?

  12. ronskifin says:

    everything u can …
    everything u can come up whit is made from atoms…..yes even your mom. But nothing arent made from atoms because nothing is nothing and in nothing there can only be nothing

  13. MarkQP says:


  14. jaminfree says:

    nope. marshmallows.
    nope. marshmallows.

  15. TeslaKuhn says:

    they will never …
    they will never admit this. they are like their master. they cannot create, just imitate. then claim the “discover” and “creation” as their own.

  16. accipiterphi says:

    Awesome information …
    Awesome information! Thank you.

  17. MarkQP says:

    am i made out of …
    am i made out of atoms?

  18. silverpizza100 says:

    PS they the US …
    PS they the US government is now collecting blood from all new born babies at birth for genetic research. This is so our learders can get the best healt care and live for thousand of years while we all suffer. Your government is enslaving the whole planet with the NWO concept, Global domonation is just around the corner. WARNING> WE MUST REVOLT AGINST ALL EVIL!

  19. silverpizza100 says:

    He brought the …
    He brought the pieces of ment back from the “crash” for his son to look at. He told his son it was part of a flying disk, but the son in an interview said that the metal did not look like anything special and that he never noticed any metal with special properties….His son was interviewed on TV..Perhaps you may find a feed on the interview…

  20. monkeynekomagic says:

    why would his son …
    why would his son know?

  21. polyester06 says:

    lmao alien …
    lmao alien technology

  22. itchuck says:

    Information AGE, …
    Information AGE, Nano AGE, then it will be DNA AGE… where we can build perfect organisms … then after that it will most likely be spiritual AGE if some of us is not all ready there.

  23. silverpizza100 says:

    You lie! Jessy …
    You lie! Jessy Marcel’s son said there was never any foil that folded and then unfolded as memory metal does. His son said what was there was twings that looked like I beams with purple tape on the sides and some shinny foil/ To him he was not impressed but his father insisted it was from a UFO. So get your story straight you amature.

  24. Tzunamii777 says:

    I find it amazing …
    I find it amazing that this micro tech is louded as such an advancement of design, but is amaturish when compared to the inner workings of a living cell.
    Theres no such thing as a simple cell.
    Hopefully in discovering this level of tech ourselves, we’ll see the advanced tech we are designed to be.

  25. tapastrat says:

    I read an awesome …
    I read an awesome paper once about this subject by a doctor. Really good connections in it, for instance the speed of light being the bandwidth cap of our reality, much like an Ethernet cable maxes out at 100Mbps. I’ll try and find it for you.

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