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Part 3 of this 3 part video – Klean Industries has been drawing attention to its tire recycling process which has been adapted to produce CNTs and fullerenes. Used tires are first placed in a pyrolysis reactor where they are decomposed into pyrolytic carbon black, heavy oils, and scrap steel. This technology has been successful in removing impurities by further refining the pyrolytic carbon black into carbon black. This carbon black is processed using a unique combustion technology, developed independently by Klean Industries, with CNTs and fullerenes as the end products, 1 kg of CNTs can be produced from 10 kg of carbon black. Reportedly the entire processing line from pyrolysis tire recycling to nanocarbon production systems will be installed at all their facilities in the near future.

Current reports state that Klean Industries has dedicated to process 250,000 tires per year directly for the production of nanocarbons, producing 500t of carbon black and 10t of CNTs. Klean Industries will begin full nano production operations in October 2007.

For more details please visit: www.kleanindustries.com

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