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mPHASE nanobattery

The new, smart battery.

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  1. dandj99 says:

    BUY< BUY< BUY…. …
    BUY< BUY< BUY…. Today early and often. THe beginnings of many a fortunes will be made today with XDSL. If you have the ability to invest, and you don’t mind the typical OTC risks, XDSL is the best bet that’s come along in a very long time. I believe that increased market confidence will drive the nanobattery to production even faster than mPhase has planned.

  2. treemed67 says:

    I’ve been wondering …
    I’ve been wondering for a long time why we still live with ancient and retarded battery technology whereas everything else grows by leaps and bounds. I’m glad I discovered this company. Hardly waiting to see them prosper. I hope it will be very soon.

  3. mthomas1072002 says:

    I’ve been invested …
    I’ve been invested in XDSL and watching it for over a year. I started off watching the trend but I think we are looking at .70 in the next month with this stock… go XDSL.

  4. damsmith says:

    I’ve been holding a …
    I’ve been holding a postion in XDSL for 13 months. The technology appears outstanding, but the company is still losing money. In the near term, I anticipate daytrader swings and (possibly) a $1.00 share price. In the long term, once the company begins making money … and the big boys take notice, the stock could (possibily) make a run at its 1999-2000 highs. On the other hand, the stock could (possibly) fall back to $0.15 – $0.17 and stay there for years. Who knows?

  5. rlpitts0777 says:

    I don’t doubt there …
    I don’t doubt there will be a price surge next week because of publicity. Then the day traders will take their profits and the price will go back down. Good long-term YES. Prifit drives price. The big boys will jump in when they start to make money.

  6. Simondsez says:

    Ya! Now Thats What …
    Ya! Now Thats What I’m Excited About! Listen to the Man!!!! Opps/ sorry! or Woman! want to be politicaly correct, fare and balanced these days right! 😉 Any Ways, your totally Right!

  7. therealworldoflife says:

    I’ve channeled on …
    I’ve channeled on this stock for over 20,000/You still need to realize that Bell has a working interest… This is the stock people want to hold for a couple of years but get scared and dump=so the stock fluctuates… keep it through 08 and it will hit a dollar with big potential depending on what you place into it… They will issue stock to fund the plant/don’t be scared-drug companies run 50millon + debt before turning around-XDSL has more return

  8. chrisbyron1 says:

    WOW, this is the …
    WOW, this is the next Microsoft of this generation. Buy this stock before it becomes well known.

  9. igalelon says:

    Looks like this …
    Looks like this baby is flying to $1. Hold on cause its going to be a nice ride there. Amazing Technoly with huge potential.

  10. urbanel says:

    Everyone should …
    Everyone should note that this stock was over 20 dollars a share in the year 2000. The prospects at that time were not as bright as they are now. This company somehow survived the post bubble era while many other companies crashed and burned. If this product comes to market soon, I think that it can go to 20 dollars again. They have to bring the battery to market before the investors get impatient.

  11. Simondsez says:

    Well,if ya wanna …
    Well,if ya wanna look at it that way. What kinda man in his “right” mind, would advertize he’s only got a half pack. Guess he outta move to Texas, where they grow em Bigga!

  12. ScottfromTexas says:

    What’s wrong with ” …
    What’s wrong with “333” it isn’t “666” or anything.

  13. rezcnay says:

    MEMS and …
    MEMS and NANOBATTERY –Who could ask for more? This company is on the verge of a discovery beyond our imaginations. Good luck for 2007 and 2008.

  14. tbone468 says:

    Right On XDSL!!! …
    Right On XDSL!!! Goin all the way…

  15. tbone468 says:

    I am in Tuesday …
    I am in Tuesday morning when the market opens. I have heard about this company from 3 different people this week. BATTERIES ARE HUGE… This technology will change the industry. This stock is going to the top!!!

  16. dandj99 says:

    There was some …
    There was some intermittent profit taking Friday. Markets are expected to open down after the holiday and on news of the housing starts slowdown. However, I fully expect XDSL to buck the trend. My guess is at least a 9-11 cent increase. Will put it in the .345-.365 range. And don’t sell short! Like any OTC stock, it’s a gamble. Right now mPhase’s hand is flush with aces!

  17. zevno says:

    Mphase’s (XDSL.OB = …
    Mphase’s (XDSL.OB = stock symbol) nanobattery is featured in the February 2006 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

  18. forty5south says:

    GO!!!! “XDSL”
    GO!!!! “XDSL”

  19. forty5south says:

    I think tues …
    I think tues afternoon we might have a massive stock on our hands!!!I think I might see $0.40 tues afternoon?

  20. forty5south says:

    This stock will go …
    This stock will go through the roof next week!!!!

  21. dandj99 says:

    No doubt in my mind …
    No doubt in my mind this stock will rise to $2.30+ by March 15. Potential to level in mid 20’s by this time next year. mPhase’s strategic alliances are impressive, and they are already working with a large battery manufacturer to bring the nanobattery to market quickly. I purchased my initial positions early last week in the 17-18 cent range. This is an aggressive buy and hold.

  22. Simondsez says:

    I’m curious about …
    I’m curious about your user name! Why would you lable your self w/such an Ignorant lable?

  23. Ribbone9 says:

    This is a great …
    This is a great stock play, I am up 5400 dollars and climbing. xdsl buy it now.

  24. DangerAbe says:

    once they release a …
    once they release a viable product the value of this company’s stock is going to skyrocket. It’s 25 CENTS now, once the military and American Express start buying batteries this could be a 25 DOLLAR stock.

  25. fdeee says:

    This is the one …
    This is the one stock to own for the next two years. Fortunes will be mad.

  26. jg says:

    Buy Buy it a well needed new product we all use.I see it climbing past a buck before 2010

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