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Movie 2 : Carbon nanotubes as you have never “seen” them

http://www.nano2hybrids.net: Second video of 3D-imaging of gold c ers deposited on carbon nanotubes. These two videos were generated by recording several TEM (transmission electron microscope) images of the same nanotube at different tilt angles, and by using a dedicated computer program to construct a 3-dimensional view. This work was carried out on samples provided by Alexandre Felten, by Dr Ghadimi Reza and Prof. Joachim Mayer at the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy (GFE, Aachen, Germany) (www.gfe.rwth-aachen.de) within the Nanobeams network of excellence (https://www.nanobeams.org).

Duration : 0:0:13

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    Explain Nanotubes …
    Explain Nanotubes and theire function. Thanks. Nice video.

  2. docdjdub says:

    i can tell you that …
    i can tell you that nasa is trying to industrialise the creation of carbon nano tubbes to set up a space elevater cool idea but its a god 50 years off from what i have seen

  3. nano2hybrids says:

    Hi there will be …
    Hi there will be much more about nanotubes and their function on our website, nano2hybrids net – new version of the site to appear in May or June hopefully…

  4. tehsma says:


  5. lightwinged says:

    aa! this is a …
    aa! this is a multi-walled tube with buckyballs, rigt?

  6. nano2hybrids says:

    No there are no …
    No there are no buckyballs in this sample – the black dots you can see are nanoscale metal particles which were added to make an ultra-efficient gas sensor. There’s more details, explanation, etc on our website, feel free to add comments and questions there! It’s up and running now.

  7. nanotechworld says:

    wow incredible …
    wow incredible resolution first I thought it might have been a buckyball

  8. supertarget76 says:

    I’m worried about …
    I’m worried about the effects carbon-nanotubes will have on our health. Will carbon-nanotubes be the asbestos of the future?

  9. nano2hybrids says:

    Hi there – we’ll …
    Hi there – we’ll hopefully do a video about this soon.. Meanwhile if you check our main site, nano2hybrids net, we’ve posted quite a few blogs items about this.

  10. pitviper12345 says:

    cool! those dots …
    cool! those dots are molecules right? amazing!

  11. nano2hybrids says:

    Kind of – they’re …
    Kind of – they’re ultra-small c ers of metal atoms, so the size of large molecules…

  12. legomasterchief says:

    Science is fun! 😀
    Science is fun! 😀

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