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Movie 1 : Carbon nanotubes as you have never “seen” them

http://www.nano2hybrids.net : First video of 3D-imaging of gold c ers deposited on carbon nanotubes. These two videos were generated by recording several TEM (transmission electron microscope) images of the same nanotube at different tilt angles, and by using a dedicated computer program to construct a 3-dimensional view. This work was carried out on samples provided by Alexandre Felten, by Dr Ghadimi Reza and Prof. Joachim Mayer at the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy (GFE, Aachen, Germany) (www.gfe.rwth-aachen.de) within the Nanobeams network of excellence (https://www.nanobeams.org).

Duration : 0:0:8

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  1. andydiscovery says:

    Ive seen them, just …
    Ive seen them, just not that close, on a Leo 420 sem at a university in Sussex

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