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Micro and nanotechnologies are revolutionising medicine

More information: http://ec.europa.eu./avservices/video/video_prod_en.cfm?type=detail&prodid=609
Micro and nanotechnologies are revolutionising medicine
‘Almost invisible’ tools are being developed by European researchers to discover diseases earlier and to treat patients better. The miniaturisation of instruments to micro and nano dimensions promises to make our future lives safer and cleaner. A team of European researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technologies Institute near Saarbruecken is using nanotechnology to improve diagnostic capabilities. In the “Adonis”-project, nano-sized gold particles are used to detect prostate cancer cells at an early stage.

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  1. brainstorm2012 says:

    Microchips cause …
    Microchips cause the cancer they are actually trying to detect.

  2. devadogg says:

    All they talk about …
    All they talk about in these nano videos is cancer. Like that’s the only thing they’re useful for or something. B O R I N G

  3. thedarkcow64 says:

    “This time it is us …
    “This time it is us who will cause the extinction of humanity :)”
    Yeah, just like every groundbreaking invention in the history of humanity has. I would bet you that even when the first humans learned to make a fire. Someone in that camp was ranting that it would be the end of all things.
    Same old, same old. Good thing we nevered listened to these people crying wolf. Otherwise there would be no internet for you to do it through today.

  4. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    lol that voice is …
    lol that voice is like from Command and Conquer 😀

  5. Energyium says:

    no mortal being has …
    no mortal being has the right to label others as undesirable
    just worry about yourself

    those who try to remove others as “undesirable”
    they will be taught a lesson (HELL)
    because they failed the test of compassion

    so be warned
    not to cause harm doing so has a painful punishment in the next existence
    or hereafter

  6. LinkBlink says:

    But who determines …
    But who determines how fat or how stupid? The very people making these decisions could be the fat or the stupid, only difference is money gives them the power to decide who… & not the people. Yet its easily arguable that the people don’t know what is good for themselves. So who knows perhaps the fat & the stupid are right, if they have the control. As I see it no one person or ideal is correct or knows what is best for all. Only the motion of society as a whole portrays universal truth.

  7. hessy11 says:

    ppl that are not …
    ppl that are not desirable. crimanals, persons over 60, the ill, ilegal immagrants, the fat, the lazy,the stupid,….dont sound that bad

  8. LiquidSmooth says:

    I guess the …
    I guess the thinking is create cancer and disease by making so genetic food which people eat. Then getting improper nutrition, unbalanced enzymnes from GM food, developing alergix reactions to soy do to genetic engineering so yoo=ur bidy even starts to reject good soy. Then they can use nano technology to fix all these diseases they created if they just would have left nature alone and helped people get the proper natural food to begin with.

  9. mkkulture says:


  10. bigbrother1994 says:

    so they want to …
    so they want to prevent cancer etc. to save lives , surely at a cost..so probably not for the poor in most countries,, but wait a minute, the world is already highly populated, and will over flow. with needsfor food , water , global warming will put more pressure on resources etc etc. so what then???
    is there going to be a culling of the ppl that are not desirable??
    has any 1 thought about the ramifications?
    i am sure some sections of some goverments have already done so,with proposed actions

  11. blckwaterpark says:

    You can have a …
    You can have a mosquito bite you one day and inject you with a nanobot – for any purpose what so ever – and you would never know about it.

    We’ll definitely need nano medicine to treat us from diseases that will result from our daily consumption of fluoride, bpa, pesticides, hormones,GM, chem trails, and toxic food additives.

  12. snowsnuck says:

    sexy voice
    sexy voice

  13. WorldWithoutWar666 says:

    It’s another excuse …
    It’s another excuse and will be used to chip us. they then use signals to disrupt brainwaves and YOU WIL OBAY!! lol

  14. sovietamerican2 says:

    in the future nano …
    in the future nano tanks and military appliances will be possible….in the future…very far future.

  15. Badwolf182 says:

    sadly they tell us …
    sadly they tell us its for medical YET they hav created and creating even more nano-weaponry. mixing nano tech with organic so that its alive and attacks a body perhaps a specific genotype. Using acoustic pattern so sound activated. Very disturbing

  16. Badwolf182 says:

    sadly they tell us …
    sadly they tell us its for medical YET they hav created and creating even more nano-weaponry. mixing nano tech with organic so that its alive and attacks a body perhaps a specific genotype. Using acoustic pattern so sound activated. Very disturbing

  17. Badwolf182 says:

    alane – very …
    alane – very intersting

  18. brightsunshineyday says:

    Nanotech disease …
    Nanotech disease anyone? Wow, nanobots might someday detect the nanotech diseases growing in our bodies! Do you tech types ever stop and think what this is doing in our bodies? Self-assembling, self-replicating nanomachines in the human body? “Morgellons disease” is one result!

  19. chairde says:

    I understand that …
    I understand that this is a Eurocentric report because it supported by the EU, but nanotechnology is a world wide process now. This technology is fantastic for humanity but if it is used to make weapons it could endanger the future of the human race. For example self replicating nano machines in the blood system designed to kill is a real danger. Please don’t respond with Bible quotes.

  20. tarohoa says:

    why are you guys …
    why are you guys watching videos about nanotechnology if you want to preach about the end of the world.

  21. allymetoo says:

    The Beast-markers …
    The Beast-markers are there.

  22. alanejackson says:

    Magnetosynthesis …
    Magnetosynthesis Something you didn’t know you were doing!

    Magnetrition An organelle living inside your body that migrates magnetically

    Research indicates magnetic bacteria and the mitochondria have the same properties. The average person dies around age 70 due to insufficient turning during sleep

    Astronauts, when they leave the Earth’s magnetic field, must take with them a copy of the Earth’s magnetic field, and insure their periodic movement within that field to prevent osteoporosis

  23. spikaia2 says:

    omg enough with the …
    omg enough with the effin bible! EVOLVE ALREADY!!

  24. deusmihifortis says:

    yes. I agree with …
    yes. I agree with you

  25. solidorganism says:

    for those …

    for those who belive in what the black book says is too late
    now .

    the apocalypse its written
    but its a human fault to let it go
    we all have a free will
    so we can change anything written or not
    but we humans dont care.
    until is late. think about it

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