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Max N-FUZE NFUZE NanoTechnology Vitamins Max International

Max N-FUZE Nanotechnology liquid vitamins and trace minerals. NFUZE makes all other supplements obsolete overnight.


Max N-Fuze Whole Food Comparison

To find the equal value of nutrients in a single serving of Max N-Fuze, you would have to consume:

1 cup of spinach to equal the amount of vitamin A

4 oranges to equal the amount of vitamin C

8 glasses of milk to equal the amount of vitamin D

6 pounds of avocados to equal the amount of vitamin E

150 cloves of garlic to equal the amount of vitamin B-1

6 cups of almonds to equal the amount of vitamin B-2

5 large potatoes to equal the amount of niacin

3 pounds of raw cauliflower to equal the amount of vitamin B-5

70 eggs to equal the amount of vitamin B-6

40 spears of asparagus to equal the amount of folate

2 gallons of yogurt to equal the amount of vitamin B-12

28.5 cups of swiss chard to equal the amount of biotin

3.5 pounds of raw tofu to equal the amount of selenium

4.5 cups of green peas to equal the amount of zinc

6 cups of garbanzo beans to equal the amount of manganese

Max N-Fuze supports the production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, two extremely important endogenous antioxidants. SOD’s main purpose is to reduce or “quench” superoxide, one of the most potent and damaging free radicals our cells encounter, into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. The the antioxidant catalase further reduces the hydrogen peroxide to H20 and 02.

Max N-Fuze provides the needed nutrients to further support the function of MaxGXL. It contains D-ribose and CoQ10 to support ATP (energy) production and function. Exogenous antioxidants sources ease the burden of endogenous antioxidants. It also provides the vitamins and minerals needed to support leptin sensitivity.

Max N-fuze is the newest demonstration of Max International’s continued commitment to provide breakthrough products with efficiency and safety. To signify this commitment, Max N-Fuze was subjected to vigorous safety testing and Clemson University. Additionally, Max International is a member of the Institute of Nutraceutical Research (INR). The INR is a leading research group the consolidates the intellectual and physical resources of faculty at Clemson University and links these resources to South Carolina Nutrition Research Authority, the University of South Carolina and the Medical University of SC in a unique partnership.

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