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Growing Carbon Nanotubes

Very simple method (CVD spray pyrolysis) for producing multiwalled carbon nanotubes at industrial scale. They grow inside a quartz tube at 900° C, from a mixture of ferrocene, toluene and argon gas

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  1. Keylimedelight says:

    I would love to …
    I would love to know more about this prosess

  2. djbetolovesrojita says:

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  3. Samlongxu says:

    Is this a spray …
    Is this a spray prosess?

  4. aldogago says:

    Spray-pyrolisis …
    Spray-pyrolisis method, a variation of the well known “chemical vapor deposition” (CVD) method. The solution with the catalyst is sprayed inside the quartz tube, which is at 900°C.

  5. asianwong says:

    how much does this …
    how much does this process cost?

  6. shahainhigh says:

    it depend but …
    it depend but probably it’s about $10000

  7. aldogago says:

    It’s not that …
    It’s not that expensive… In fact the Kg of CNT is getting cheaper every day.

  8. asianwong says:

    thanks, and how …
    thanks, and how much (length) would you get out of that a day? do you think we could use it to make a space elevator?

  9. paramounter54 says:

    Could someone …
    Could someone please tell me exactly whats going on?

  10. aldogago says:

    Yes indeed.. a …
    Yes indeed.. a macroscopic cable having the same strength-to density
    ratio as a single, defect-free nanoscopic CNT would allow
    us to build fantastic structures such as a terrestrial space elevator.

  11. asianwong says:

    that is awesome! i …
    that is awesome! i dont mean to be annoying with all these questions but, how much energy would it take to m produce them? and what technique do you use to connect them?

  12. aldogago says:

    I don’t evaluate …
    I don’t evaluate their mechanical properties, so I don’t care if they are connected. Although there are several methods to connect them, using electromagnetic fields for instance. I test them for fuel cell catalyst support and for hydrogen production with solar light. I haven’t made an estimation of how much energy the whole process consume… I just use the equipment in the lab ;-).

  13. aldogago says:

    But I’ll do the …
    But I’ll do the estimation of the total cost, considering the 900°C of the furnace, the cost of the Argon, the ferrocene, etc… I promise.

  14. asianwong says:


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