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Green Nanotechnology

Some are calling it a revolution in manufacturing technology. But, will nanotechnology be a “green” industry? It’s a question that some scientists are saying needs to be answered now, before nano-tech goes big-time. This ScienCentral News video has more.

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  1. DarkestOne7 says:

    nanotek is the …
    nanotek is the future

  2. bloodymetalcore says:

    humanity is a dumb …
    humanity is a dumb race and isn’t prepared for this we cant even work together why the bother a mad man gets his hands on it bam war
    oops lets ignore this little incident if i don’t watch it isn’t happening.
    why god this creation of yours is split,suffering,most are ignorant
    to foolish to admit mistakes
    if heaven and exists ill be glad
    now you’ll here of me again
    goodluck with the technoligy “advancement
    little scientists

  3. Jomama240 says:


  4. ooiuabp says:

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  5. SlaughterMcKill says:

    “Green Industry” is …
    “Green Industry” is the biggest oxymoronic bullshit line I’ve ever come across. We might as well be discussing “Tolerant Zealotry” or a “Peaceful Massacre.” Conspiracy flunkie basement-dwellers who think they can know everything solely through Wikipedia “research” aside, the application of nanotech reeks of profit motives and I can tell that all it will ultimately result in is a further genetic deterioration of this already down-bred and mongrelized species of talking anthropoids.

  6. nyyNYR2094 says:

    One time when me …
    One time when me was high, me sold me car for like 24 chicken McNuggets.

  7. Organjic says:

    Nanotechnology = …
    Nanotechnology = Cancer

    This can easily be made into a weapon or a cure to Diseases and Viruses. Both will be made unfortunately. Make one to cure the other conspiracies have occurred. This is an easy direction for any attacks.

  8. stoyandavitch says:

    hahahahaha i get it …
    hahahahaha i get it funny

  9. summercherry94 says:

    This is so stupid.. …
    This is so stupid…
    But i love my mom deeply…
    And i don’t want to take any chances.
    dont tell me this is stupid i already kno…

    If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  10. Richardgwm says:

    This subject is too …
    This subject is too small for me to care about.

  11. jthomp3120 says:

    good job trolling …
    good job trolling youtube.

  12. TheMorningCoffee says:

    You’re an idiot …
    You’re an idiot killtroy811. I suggest you go get a library card and read a book perhaps.

  13. dss6290 says:

    i wanted to see …
    i wanted to see some tiny robots! man

  14. killtroy811 says:

    What is the …
    What is the chemical composition of sound? What is the chemical composition of space? What is the chemical composttion of time? What is the chemical composition of light? im just wondering?

  15. killtroy811 says:

    What about sound?
    What about sound?

  16. TheMorningCoffee says:

    Offer 1 suggestion …
    Offer 1 suggestion then that isnt a chemical. You can’t. Everything IS chemical.

  17. killtroy811 says:

    Any ideas my new …
    Any ideas my new friend?I’ve seen another method of this “nanotechnology” manufacturing on more than one occasion that requires no chemicals.So instead of sharing with you what I have seen and learned about of said methods of manufacturing, I’ll focus on the task at hand in order to appease someone of “greater” intelligence. How should I go about, or what methods would be pleasing to you inorder for me to carry out your above suggestion? Take it easy my new buddy. Im waiting eagerly.

  18. kRAZYCanuck22 says:

    YOUR UNINTELLIGENT go kill yourself

  19. killtroy811 says:

    everything in this …
    everything in this world dosn’t have to be made out of chemicals.

  20. teemuruskeepaa says:

    Bye stocks dudes
    Bye stocks dudes

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