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Gold Nanoparticles and Cancer Cell Detection

Using gold nanoparticles to target EGFR on cancer cells for easy detection …

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  1. Lupiswolf says:

    Awesome! Sounds a …
    Awesome! Sounds a million times better than chemotherapy!

  2. Dontgupt208 says:

    Well done animation.
    Well done animation.

  3. asiadar says:

    Hi Katy!
    Can I use …

    Hi Katy!
    Can I use your video to show it in a class???

  4. nanogirl says:

    Great video, thank …
    Great video, thank you for puting it up. Perhaps you would like to visit my channel and watch my dermal display animation, I made with the author of Nanomedicine. Hope you like it.

  5. Bklynballerplaya says:

    Awesome job, …
    Awesome job, totally made that clear for me lovely job

  6. Bklynballerplaya says:

    Awesome job, and to …
    Awesome job, and to hedgehogs they did not come up with the name anti-egrf, it is just a receptor to bind on the cancer cells

  7. Hedgehogs4Me says:

    “…an antibody for …
    “…an antibody for EGFR, named anti-EGFR…” That’s kinda… uncreative…

    Very nice animation, and a very clever method too.

  8. pengganggang says:

    very well, can you …
    very well, can you send this animation to me?

  9. thunderbunny808 says:

    wow, who is the …
    wow, who is the genius who created this masterpiece? Katy Impala, I’m going to go looking for her. she is so hired at my animation firm.

  10. roidroid says:

    very good animation …
    very good animation.

    also by irradiating the body the gold nanoparticles can be superheated, killing whatever cells are nearby – the cancer cells.

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