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Customized Y-Shaped Nanotubes Can Compute

Researchers at UC San Diego and Clemson University have discovered that specially synthesized carbon nanotube structures exhibit electronic properties that are improved over conventional transistors used in computers. In a paper published* in the September issue of Nature Materials and released online on August 14, UCSD Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering professors Prabhakar Bandaru and Sungho Jin, graduate student Chiara Daraio, and Clemson physicist Apparao M. Rao reported that Y-shaped nanotubes behave as electronic switches similar to conventional MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) transistors, the workhorses of modern microprocessors, digital memory, and application-specific integrated circuits.

“This is the first time that a transistor-like structure has been fabricated using a branched carbon nanotube,” said Bandaru. “This discovery represents a new way of thinking about nano-electronic devices, and I think people interested in creating functionality at the nanoscale will be inspired to explore the ramifications of these Y-junction elements in greater detail.”

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  1. alexalex1993 says:

    are they ever going …
    are they ever going to make gloves which could make you crawl walls like spiderman but i am making a web shooter

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    Wow, spiderman …
    Wow, spiderman coments aside, this has some pretty inpressive implacations.

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    nice i always like …
    nice i always like to see nano stuff

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