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Nanotechnology’s Big Impact

In the first ChemMatters video, we find about why the very smallest machines, known as nanotechnology, hold very big promise. Nanotechnology may help create tiny devices that bring medicine exactly where it needs to go in your body, powerful computers the size of a grain of sand or vital new sources of energy.

ChemMatters, the award-winning magazine for high school chemistry, demystifies chemistry at work in our everyday lives.

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  1. sharplikerazor says:

    fantastic video, a …
    fantastic video, a really good bit of science communication that makes good use of visuals and easy to understand explanatins. well done, look forward to the next installment!

  2. BytesizeScience says:

    Thanks! We think …
    Thanks! We think its pretty amazing too.

  3. anakin808 says:

    very interesting. …
    very interesting. this type of technology always awed me and still does. it’s amazing.

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