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Carbon nanotubes (fuel cell catalyst support)

Carbon nanotubes used as catalyst support for fuel cell and hydrogen generation research.

After being suspended in a surfactant solution, the carbon nanotubes precipitated when acetone was added.

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  1. hartiberlin says:

    Do these Carbon …
    Do these Carbon nanotubes conduct electricity like graphite ? How do you produce them ?
    Please come to overunity dot com and explain in detail in the fuel cell section. Many thanks.
    Regards, Stefan. ( admin of overunity dot com)

  2. aldogago says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your comment Stefan. I’ve already explained in your forum more about your questions, but for youtube community: Yes, they do, they conduct electricity like graphite at macroscopic scale, nevertheless they exhibit very interesting electric properties at nanosized scale that graphite lacks. See my other video “Growing carbon nanotubes” of how I produce them.

    Thanks again :-)

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