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A Nanotech Story: interview with Luisa Bozano, PhD (Trailer)

A Nanotech Story – Trailer
Dr. Luisa D. Bozano has been a research scientist at IBM’s Almaden Research Center (San Jose, California) since 2000. In her research, she is discovering and developing methods for making self- embling molecular electronics, such as memories, aimed at being significantly cheaper than today’s silicon-Based devices.
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This is one of the segments I produced, directed and edited for my video podcast or vlog SFO-FCO-SFO (WWW.SFOFCOSFO.COM).
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Enza S. ’08

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  1. warriorpoeta says:

    There’s nothing …
    There’s nothing sexier than a “lady who wants to get rid of silicon”… ROFL!!!
    Seriously, this story is fascinating. And Organic solar cells catching up? Oh yeah baby! More please!

  2. ih8u2be says:

    Yup, Luisa is a …
    Yup, Luisa is a smart cookie. I am glad I had the opportunity to interview her.

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