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A carbon Nanotube

A Multi-walled carbon nanotube mounted on a sharp nickel tip flopping in room air.

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  1. matiak2000 says:

    Can I ask you some …
    Can I ask you some questions?At what temperature is this happening? What is the scale and how did you mount it on the tip?Thanks!

  2. flutist001 says:

    o matiak200,

    o matiak200,

    The nanotube is about 4 to 5 micron in length and 25 nanometer in diameter. The video was taken at room temperature. One can mount the tube by p ing a current from the wire across the nanotube to ground.


  3. matiak2000 says:

    Very impressive! …
    Very impressive!Have you published that?I’m myself trying to grow CNTs in situ on the extremity of sharp Ni tips and it’s really complicated!

  4. flutist001 says:

    No, there are a few …
    No, there are a few labs published mounting single nanotube on tungsten or nickel tips already. See a recent paper in J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 25(2) Mar/Apr 2007 (under EXPERIMENT on page 561).

    Did your nanotubes look like spaghetti when you grow them on Ni tip?

  5. matiak2000 says:

    In fact I only …
    In fact I only observe them by field emission microscopy so I cannot tell you if they look like spaguetti 😉 But I will try soon to observe them by SEM/HRTEM

  6. Max11551 says:

    wow. very impressive
    wow. very impressive

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