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45nm — Biggest Change to Transistor in 40 Years

See the R&D and manufacturing of major innovations to the ever shrinking transistor, the little engine extending Moore’s Law. This video goes inside Intel where teams of scientists and engineers meticulously found a way to make the next generation of transistors smaller and more efficient by adding new materials to silicon. These are the tiny on-off switches that will power new computers in 2007 and beyond. For more on Intel IDF: http://www.intel.com/idf/us

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  1. PBMS123 says:

    or u just get two …
    or u just get two quad cores which is 8 cores

  2. taurus1337 says:

    they not … Q6600 …
    they not … Q6600 65nm like Phenom 9950 same price but intel 15% faster …. it makes amd cheap ??? not realy .. and about AMD price .. u wont save much with phenom 9300 and 9950 diference like 50$ thats not saving thats stupidity !

  3. devkamal says:

    LOL.. “thats my …
    LOL.. “thats my humorous answer”

  4. DarioTheRadioStar says:

    Fifty bucks less …
    Fifty bucks less actually IS saving money!! :D I also prefer Intel processors because they are much more stable and fast, but AMD processors are cheaper…

  5. raikkonen85 says:

    its a 50 dollar …
    its a 50 dollar saving u said it urself, this is why youl never work fot intel

  6. GridTec says:

    My god. Intel is …
    My god. Intel is going to create chips that think for themselves and they are gonna kill us all. But still holy crap!!! 45nm ftw

  7. chazum0 says:

    freakin 8-core …
    freakin 8-core server processors. Good God

  8. NOMADLEON says:

    PROUD TO HAVE MY 4NM Q9450 :)

  9. dipper64 says:

    You guys do not …
    You guys do not know enough science to appreciate this…

  10. Ye7ia07 says:

    AMD is just going …
    AMD is just going through a rough patch these few years, they’ll step it up within the next 2 years.

  11. dummkopf26 says:

    whats the music in …
    whats the music in the beginning???

  12. anotherone10 says:

    32nm Core i7’s are …
    32nm Core i7’s are coming out this year

  13. dummkopf26 says:

    What ALBUMM!!! I …
    What ALBUMM!!! I know its by but what CD name is it?!?!?!

  14. Idontwantanaccountok says:

    shit dummkopf, it’s …
    dummkopf, it’s called

  15. x7718 says:

    Interesting indeed, …
    Interesting indeed, but for me personally I prefer AMD cpu’s because they tend to provide comparable performance at considerable cost savings.

  16. AtiCrossfireX says:

    Chipper they say, …
    Chipper they say, that’s a lie more Intel propaganda.

  17. Siceone says:

    Because you have to …
    Because you have to have programs that can run on those chips, There currently is almost NO software that usese all of the cores in a core 2 quad, so until programs are coded in order to take the advantage of that there won’t be a multi core chip past 4 for wide consumption.

  18. hudders123 says:

    there having a …
    there having a problem making better processors now as there trying to make then smaller why don’t they make a really small one like a 45nm chiop then add more of those chips and make a bigger processor with loads of small cores

  19. gamer2502 says:

    i prefer amd
    i prefer amd

  20. Gellande says:

    peugeot and citroen …
    peugeot and citroen is french

    both are awful cars, for scrapyard

    Intel is american

  21. Gellande says:

    lol it means …
    lol it means INTegrated ELectronics


    and its american french idiot
    Peugeot is french

  22. MXhm91 says:

    and intel doesn’t …
    and intel doesn’t mean that… it means intel= information/source

  23. MXhm91 says:

    and where does …
    and where does genius come in since there is no G in intel

  24. Besmerched says:

    intel means …
    intel means intelligence genius

  25. HiAdrian says:

    And your source is?
    And your source is?

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