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worm in a maze

Video clip of a tiny (1 mm long) C. elegans worm in a microfluidic maze

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  1. Bashfulll says:

    Even if its true …
    Even if its true that 302 neurones is enough for memory, what implications does it have for the wider world in terms of industry, scientific advances?…etc
    What assumptions have you made?
    When u think of it…it all comes down to money even though this research might excite most scientist.

  2. wheelerlab says:

    Good point, …
    Good point, Bashfulll. When the worms moved through the maze to find food, it was chemotaxis. But when worms were put into new mazes WITHOUT food, they continued to move to positions previously associated with food. This is something else entirely. Not bad for 302 neurons, eh?

    (For the details, please see our paper, which is posted on the website — the link is at the end of the movie.)

  3. Bashfulll says:

    I don’t know much …
    I don’t know much about Wheeler labs or what the’re doing….but isn’t this an example of chemotaxis?

    It been ages since i did any biology, could u just clear things up?

  4. GRecruiter says:

    When you get your …
    When you get your result, make sure you dumb it down for me :P

  5. wheelerlab says:

    Good question! …
    Good question! Actually, these results were quite surprising, as they indicate that C. elegans has some sort of spatial memory, which contradicts the prevailing ideas in the literature. We are currently developing and testing more complicated microfluidic maze-assays, in the hopes of determining the cellular and molecular mechanisms for this behavior. Stay tuned!

  6. ToxicVelma says:

    is the worm …
    is the worm psychologically affected by being put in an unfamiliar environment?

  7. ToxicVelma says:


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