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Surface Tension-Confined Microfluidics

Video from figure 4 of reference (1) implemented with an aqueous solution. The surface tension-confined microfluidic paradigm is an approach to microfluidic manufacturing seeking to bring the burgeoning micro total analysis technology to market for deployable sensor applications. The device in the video is implemented with under 20 microliters of fluid. Fabricating such a device requires only commodity polymers and solvents and can be accomplished for pennies in a matter of minutes. For more information, please see reference (1) and/or contact gew5@case.edu or michael.swickrath@gmail.com.

(1) Swickrath MJ, Shenoy S, Mann JA, Belcher J, Kovar R, Wnek G, “The Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Polymer-Based Surface Tension-Confined Microfluidic Platforms” Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (2007, In Press)

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