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PC Liquid Cooling System Running Quieter Than DVD Recorder

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Formerly, PC cooling efficiency and PC noise reduction were regarded as separate issues.

Now, however, a new NEC-Hitachi liquid cooling system for desktop PCs solves both these issues simultaneously.

The latest liquid cooling system incorporates the world’s first hard drive liquid cooling cold plate co-developed by the partners using Hitachi’s CPU liquid cooling cold plate.

On the heat exchanger fins, the CPU liquid cooling cold plate has fine grooves, about 0.09mm in width, where cooling liquid flows.

The cold plate also incorporates a special mechanism to ensure that the cooling liquid flows smoothly.

The fine grooves and the flow mechanism combination produces more than double heat conduction efficiency when compared to the conventional cold plate.

Using the hard drive liquid cooling cold plate, NEC and Hitachi engineers have wrapped the entire hard drive in a highly noise absorbing and high-performance vibration insulation material, to reduce the hard drive noise level by 10 decibels (dB) and more.

The companies have also employed a slow-rotation radiator fan and a low-noise micro-pump. All those efforts have helped to achieve a noise level below that of home DVD recorders.

NEC and Hitachi claim that their new liquid cooling system will reduce the noise level of liquid cooled PCs from 30dB to 25dB, about 1/3 the noise level of the conventional liquid cooled PC.

NEC will feature the new liquid cooling system in its fall/winter desktop PC models

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