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Move liquids with sound

We use sound to move liquids. An ultrasonic pulse is applied to the bottom of a container and a droplet of 2.5 nanoliters is ejected. The diameter of this droplet is about that of a human hair. A nanoliter is one billionth of a liter. I have this as the screen saver on my computer. I find the droplet is Zen-like. Visit Labcyte at www.labcyte.com to find out more.

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  1. janolanjdo says:

    GREAT solution for …
    GREAT solution for tiny volumes!

  2. xplodsion says:

    cool probaly cost …
    cool probaly cost loads for equipment

  3. DrAcoustix says:

    Depends. If you buy …
    Depends. If you buy a system designed for the pharmaceutical industry, it is very expensive because it is so prcise. But the original version (invented in 1927) used a commercial transducer and a bucket of oil. Today it would be less than $100. But more erratic with lots of variation in drop volumes and frequency.

  4. magonirico says:

    Yes, it is a very …
    Yes, it is a very very very big FAKE!

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