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cell trapping microfluidic device 2

cell loading experiment

Experimental loading of PDMS microfluidic array devices with 3T3 cells. Validation of the predictive value of modeling, using 3T3 cells flowed through microfluidic devices containing U-type sieves under the simulation flow parameters, showed excellent agreement between experiment and simulation with respect to cell
number per trap and the uniformity of cell distribution within individual microchambers. For applications such as on-chip cell culture or high-throughput screening of cell populations within a lab-on-a-chip environment

related article:
Building a Better Cell Trap: Applying Lagrangian Modeling to the Design of Microfluidic Devices for Cell Biology, Min-Cheol Kim, Zhanhui Wang, Raymond H. W. Lam and Todd Thorsen, Journal of Applied Physics, 103 (2008) 044701. 

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