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Small NC Microfabrication Machine

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The Micro Robo: Micro MC-3, a small NC microfabrication desktop device, is a compilation of 3-axis robots with high rigidity, high precision, and enhancement features.

As a machine that enables microfabrication, the Micro MC-3 is designed with a focus on suppressing vibration and uses M-2052 material, which offers the highest vibration damping effect, in localized areas. It is also equipped with an air bearing type air turbine spindle (80000 rpm) as standard equipment, and as a result, dynamic center runout can be suppressed, making fabrication on a smaller scale possible.

In addition to drilling and milling resin and steel, the Micro MC-3 can be used on brittle materials like gl , ceramics, and rubies.

As its standard specification, the new machine features an open NC function and when this function is applied, it can read data that is useful for production management.

Duration : 0:1:47

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