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nanosolar nano solar solarenergie

nanosolar nano solar solarenergie

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  1. Maryoalpha4 says:

    Ich kann nicht …
    Ich kann nicht verstehen, was sie sagen. Aber der Prozeß schaut gut. =)

  2. lpthugginpaki says:

    wtf i cant hear the …
    wtf i cant hear the english over all this german dubbing

  3. freetube2 says:

    This is a bunch of …
    This is a bunch of BS. These guys are going to poison the whole solar energy market for everyone who are seriously working on thin film CIGS solar. If you know anything about manufacturing or thin film CIGS solar then you would see right through all these craps.

  4. aeroscope says:

    Shut the german plz …
    Shut the german plz can’t hear

  5. geroldf says:

    I know something …
    I know something about manufacturing. What craps are you seeing through?

  6. mynonsense says:

    reading about …
    reading about nanosolar makes me feel giddy like im about to open a present christmas morning

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