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Nano Solar

Nano-solar — This is a company that as the potential to change the world. It has developed proprietary technology that makes it possible to simply roll-print solar cells that require only 1/100th as thick an absorber as a silicon-wafer cell (yet deliver similar performance and durability). It has so far raised over $1Bn US and is building a factory in the US, Germany and Wales. Their technology dramatically lowers the process cost and complexity involved in the production of thin-film solar cells and makes it possible to scale production very rapidly. The result sets the standard for the technology and products that make it possible to put A Solar Panel on Every Building™. Nanosolar is on track to make solar electricity:
i. cost-efficient for ubiquitous deployment
ii. m -produced on a global scale
iii. available in many versatile forms.

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  1. iggy4323 says:

    People talking …
    People talking about it is what will lead to it being on the shelf.

    Things don’t miraculously appear, there’s a lot of development that goes into it first.

  2. litiolac says:

    according to an …
    according to an article on celsias.comm the time to payback is less than a month.

  3. pearljameric says:

    We love you nano …
    We love you nano solar! Let us buy!

  4. tolcarneroad says:

    Now there may be no …
    Now there may be no need to build more nuclear power plants.

  5. ben3090 says:

    The sad thing about …
    The sad thing about this company is that it is privately owned by only a few people so expect them to glean as much as they can out of each unit

    This technology is neat but is far less
    efficient than first solar’s type of cells except first solar’s depend on tellerium(sp) which is in short short supply

  6. sanarkhos says:

    It is because …
    It is because they’re private that they’re expanding production (in three countries no less) to meet high demand!

    If they were public, these decisions would be politics.

  7. ben3090 says:

    Not true
    It is so …

    Not true
    It is so they can control the new technology
    and have a stranglehold on it
    If is was not private it could be expanded and become part of the solution to our energy problems and not just a windfall for a few already-wealthy people

    If you dont believe me go to their site and see who Owns their company!

  8. abram730 says:

    as to the food …
    as to the food shortage when oil runs out(youtube”The omnivore’s next dilemma”) there are other ways to farm that start with a different perspective.

  9. abram730 says:

    IF it’s affordable …
    IF it’s affordable they will be rolling in money by rolling solar cells hehe

  10. sanarkhos says:

    They DEVELOPED …
    They DEVELOPED their technology!

    They’re not sitting on it either. They’re expanding as quickly as capital available will allow. The only way to develop it at a faster pace is to make more capital available by cutting government spending.

    I don’t see you developing solutions! You’re pretending as though they stole it from someone.

    Production matters, not who owns it or what profits they get. That’s why people are so clueless about gas prices. Only a greater supply will lower prices.

  11. bubbles29118181 says:

    Nice Movie Guys – …
    Nice Movie Guys – hes a legend! auctionswatch.com

  12. Dilekz says:

    WHOO HOO i will put …
    WHOO HOO i will put it on EVERYTHING!!….
    House, car, whatsoever… lets USE the sun dudes!

  13. canido29 says:

    when nanosolar …
    when nanosolar panels in ebay?
    someone know?
    david spain

  14. pantrax3 says:

    There is a big …
    There is a big difference between doing experiments on a table top system and running high volume production. These guys are obviously a long way away from significant revenue. Hope their recent PR blitz got them enough VC cash to make it through the coming lean years.

  15. patankar11 says:

    Actually they’re …
    Actually they’re are building a solar plant in former east Germany as we speak and are sold out for the next year or so.

  16. KarasCyborg says:

    Show me it …
    Show me it producing power, like something that can operate a AC unit.

  17. humexavier says:

    Nano solar cells …
    Nano solar cells energized with a nano laser, from a distance of a meter, and even under water/

  18. bobbyblueyzz says:

    A C has to be …
    A C has to be manufactured so to speak all solar cells are D C . I just wonder if this type of solar cell will last as long as regular panel cells, which in fact will run decades and with little drop in output.

  19. SweatersDotCom says:

    Why should it cost …
    Why should it cost per watt? Shouldn’t you just pay for the equipment, and shouldn’t the energy it produces belong to you?

  20. itsdonny says:

    with google funding …
    with google funding it, it shouldn’t be a problem

  21. CBaggers says:


    Solar cells are rated in watts, as in how much power they give off at max sunlight. The price of the cell divided by that figure gives you the ‘price per watt’. It doesnt mean your paying that for each watt you obtain from the cell, its just a way of measuring the cost-v-the output of the cell.

  22. mynonsense says:

    i volunteer my …
    i volunteer my labor services free of charge to be able to participate in your first residential solar installation

  23. dahur1 says:

    Too bad Germany …
    Too bad Germany bought out their entire 2008 production. Another example of how the world is p ing by the US in renewable energy.
    Google “Iceland RE”. That nation supplies ALL(100%)of their electricity, heating, hot water, from geo-thermal, and hydro sources. Their goal is all transportation on hydrogen within 15 years. Apparently their politicians can’t be bought out.

  24. EbonyScholar says:

    If what he said is …
    If what he said is true then this can be cybernetically introduced into hybrid vehicles. They would become less dependent on fossil fuels…what is the life of this nano solar strip?

  25. harpreet928 says:

    how much surface …
    how much surface area of this film produce 1 watt and how much surface area of film is sufficient for a normal home with one air conditioner and few lights.

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