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Testing of biometal micro helix

Biometal helix with coil diameter 0.62 mm (BMX 150). Measurement of elongation rate with ultrasonic sensor. BMX is tiny spring made from shape memory alloy.

Duration : 0:0:44

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  1. egianello says:

    Hi Peter. I´m …
    Hi Peter. I´m Emilio from Argentina, student of aeronautics ingeneer, and I¨m working with Nitinol about a year, testing properties. thanks for your excelent video. I´ll post mines soon. I think we can change some interesting info…

  2. jrbpyro101 says:

    VERY NICE!!!
    VERY NICE!!!

  3. jevries says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your reply!

  4. peterkatuch says:

    This wire (Biometal …
    This wire (Biometal Helix 150) eats 150 – 200 mA of current and can lift more than 30 grams. 30 grams is the recovery force, which returns the wire to extended lenght after switching-off the power.
    There are also thiner wires with less power requirements and are much more faster. Of course they are also weaker.

  5. jevries says:

    It looks stunning! …
    It looks stunning! Supersmooth action. You apply 4.8V and how much weight is on the plate?

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