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Bio-sensor That Uses Semiconductor Diode Structure : DigInfo

DigInfo – www.diginfo.tv NIMS Bio-sensor That Uses Semiconductor Diode Structure Related Links – www.nanotechexpo.jp (nano tech 2009)

Duration : 0:1:57

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  1. MRSketch09 says:

    Yeah it did, thanks.
    Yeah it did, thanks.

  2. dano9181 says:

    this technology …
    this technology could save humanity one day, very cool indeed

  3. Mituhori says:

    ty for the video …
    ty for the video diginfo. quiet unique.

  4. rahulmitchell says:

    the concept as such …
    the concept as such is pretty basic…it uses a diode like structure to measure the impedance.. and a change in impedance due to a presence or absence of a molecule on it lets us know what we are dealing with. i would ume each bio-moleclule affects the impedance in a certain degree and this lets us detect specific molecules. f.. problem is we need very expensive equipment to make them thats why mass production is so vital for this technology to survive :)
    hope this helped

  5. harpender1616 says:

    yea its intense
    yea its intense

  6. MRSketch09 says:

    I don’t get it all. …
    I don’t get it all.. but if I did, I’d probably be a scientist/engineer.

    Anyways, what I did get.. *The detecting disease bit* was pretty cool.

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