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Swiss Microrobot Playing “Pac Man” I

A gold/nickel microrobot of 300x300x70 micrometer (10^-6 m) dashing through a maze of photoresist walls. The robot is controlled by visual servoing, ie the user clicks a spot and the computer steers it there. The robot and required system was built by a team of researches at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and won the RoboCup in the Nanogram League 2007. For more information see other videos and comments, our webpage (http://www.iris.ethz.ch/msrl/research/special/nanogram …

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  1. 03dom says:

    the scale bar is …
    the scale bar is 3mm (as indicated), the robot is 300×300 micrometer – a tenth of the scalebar, which is easily visible in this video.

  2. yc83sakura12 says:

    how come they …
    how come they didn’t use “um” to signify micrometers… i believe the scale is in milimeters then…

  3. 3kbuz says:

    yeah ETH rox ;D
    yeah ETH rox ;D

  4. 03dom says:

    yep. well, this …
    yep. well, this shot has been taken during the competition with not much fiddling. but you do have the size bar on the lower left and also, you could follow the link in the video-description which will take you to better size-comparison images.

  5. OghamTheBold says:

    300 micrometers is …
    300 micrometers is hard to visualize – you should put an ant’s pocket watch in the shot – so we can see the scale.

    As I suspected – the batteries are the size of a small horse.

  6. 03dom says:

    external …
    external oscillating magnetic fields generated by coil pairs.

  7. jabaste says:

    Where is the robot …
    Where is the robot getting its power from?

  8. 03dom says:

    well, it was a …
    well, it was a quick and dirty recording. we are still catching up. the video is very real. the lines mark the path planning from tracked robot to target point (clicked) as the path planner generates it around obstacles. zooming in is no problem, but then obviously you loose field of view.

  9. Martynoff says:

    Very nice, but …
    Very nice, but still with no sound :) It looks a bit unrealistic due to low resolution and computer-drawn lines… Is it ever possible to move “camera” closer to the packman?

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