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Photonic MEMS: Vibrating at the nano-scale (b)

Here we see how an electrical field applied by light can compress material to excite mechanical vibration.
We replace metal electrodes with the electrical field that light applies to create a train of virtual electrodes that are almost exactly 250 nm apart. These virtual electrodes act collectivity to excite a mechanical mode, illustrated above, that is vibrating at rates higher than 1000 millions time per second (10 GHz). Our demonstration (reported in
http://eecs.umich.edu/~tcarmon/PhysRevLett_102_113601.pdf) constitutes the faster micron-scaled oscillator not only among photonic MEMS (micro electro mechanical system) but also in comparison to any other type of MEMS. This research is conducted by Mathew (Matt) Tomes and Prof. Tal Carmon.

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