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Piezo Ultrasonic Motors

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Bringing Nanomotion from Israel to Japan, Daito Electron is importing the HR Ultrasonic Motor Series which is a piezo ceramic servo motor that actually uses the reverse piezo electric effect to create linear and circular motion.

Piezo electricity is when certain crystals become charged due to mechanical stress such as compression, twisting or distortion.When reversed, an electrical charge that is applied to piezo electric crystals cause them to distort at the nano level. Though this is a small change it is useful for precision motor controls and ultrafine optical focusing.
A single element in the HR series creates 4 Newtons of force and up to 8 elements are available with a force of 32 Newtons.
The speed can range from several microns per second to 250 mm per second and has an unique braking design that doesn’t cause any shift in position while stopped.

Duration : 0:1:37

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