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Logitech unveils the Air Mouse!


Yesterday, Logitech unveiled it’s wireless MX Air dubbed the “Air Mouse”. It’s a sleek rechargeable laser mouse that, when you pick it up turns off the laser sensor and uses the dual embedded MEMs gyroscopes inside it to detect angular motion in the air, as well as an accelerometer, so the mouse knows which way is up. Nothing news if you are a Nintendo Wii gamer!

“All the motion computation is done in the mouse… You just have to plug the Air Mouse to your notebook or desktop system to start using it… There’s no setup required”, said a Logitech product manager.

A touch sensitive scroll-panel replaces the traditional scroll wheel
The Air Mouse does not have a scroll wheel. Instead, the MX Air uses a touch-sensitive “scroll panel” for super fast scrolling with the touch of a finger. A swipe of the finger across the surface enables the inertial scrolling mechanism, which adjusts its speed according to the speed of the finger swipe.

Logitech’s MX Air cost about $150, more than twice the price of Gyration’s GO 2.4 Optical Air Mouse.

“Gyration’s air mouse uses a mechanical gyroscope and is not as responsive than ours”, insisted the Logitech rep.


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  1. sa33od83 says:

    Amazing 😀
    Amazing 😀

  2. alova says:

    150 bucks for a …
    150 bucks for a mouse??? are you f&”@!ng kidding me!!?!?!

  3. EUTEPREUTE says:

    i pre- order this …
    i pre- order this in the computerstore( for the end of august)
    just is is a petty that the software for the extra’s is not for mac (again)

  4. gamebozco says:

    rip off from wii …
    rip off from wii remote controller?

  5. electronicchronic says:

    that wold be sweet …
    that wold be sweet for shooter games

  6. intheshitter says:

    yeah it would …
    yeah it would 😀

    I have a projector and i would mount this mouse onto a fake toy gun man that would be sweet 😀 😀

  7. kuubco says:

    all i can say is, …
    all i can say is, liberation. from the desk, we can now operate from the sofa. bye bye back-ache, o cushion. i love my air mouse, and want to have its babies.

  8. Previewh says:

    The Logitech guy …
    The Logitech guy makes a great observation, users want to lean back away from the screen. The last thing I want to do after being at the office is to come home and have to lean forward to use my mouse.

    I disagree with his focus on media centre use. There is a huge market for people sick of mouse arm/ RSI.

    The quicker we get to “Minority Report” interaction (but with subtle movements) or eyemovement capture or direct thought navigation the better.

  9. jarochomty says:

    Can use it a person …
    Can use it a person with arthritis?

  10. ApprovalJunkie says:

    well good
    well good

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