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DLP Projector Tests

Texas Instruments DLP Technology tested head to head against LCD Technology

Duration : 0:5:48

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  1. Paulk501 says:

    well my lcd …
    well my lcd projector was only 65 dollers with a brand new bulb off ebay. I WIN

    check out my videos of my projector

  2. pidden says:

    U miss the point, …
    U miss the point, this is about durabilty,any piece of rubbish looks good out of the box, but a year later?

  3. mikehoe says:

    i just got a 50″ …
    i just got a 50″ RCA DLP and this video is good info to know

  4. fixman88 says:

    I saw this video a …
    I saw this video a while back on the TI website. The reason the LCD projectors fail is because the intense light and heat from the lamp basically roasts the LCD panel over time. The DLP panel is a mirror, so it reflects the light instead of absorbing it. Simple physics.

  5. 99virgo says:

    Love my DLP!! The …
    Love my DLP!! The XBOX 360 looks great on it!!

  6. sglazebrook says:

    Play your 360 to …
    Play your 360 to your heart’s content because there is no “Burn-in” like other technologies. Also, since the DMD “chip” doesn’t suffer from degradation like other technologies, a lamp change will bring the picture back to “like new” quality years from now. FYI: LED light sources on forthcoming televisions and projectors will replace the current “bulb” light sources and eliminate the bulb change altogether.

  7. whoztubemytubesaywha says:

    DLP rocks–more …
    DLP rocks–more filmlike that any other monitor type..My 42″DLP off ebay $450 kicks plasma .. Friends 50″ DLP refurb tigerdirect $799 godlike.

  8. ps3jihad says:

    360 sucks
    360 sucks

  9. thetechspot says:

    i have a samsung …
    i have a samsung DLP 56″ HDTV and it is awesome. its a bit more expensive than LCD (including lamp replacements) but its worth it

  10. ljbanner says:

    i have a dlp xga …
    i have a dlp xga projector and it is far better than lcd…the only down side is that some people are susseptable to the rainbow effect.but after watching for a few hours most who suffer can no longer notice beacause the brain becomes immune……its true

  11. pmgodfrey says:

    I have repaired …
    I have repaired countless LCD projectors and found that more than 90% of the 3-chip units were shot. Arc lamps put out a lot of UV light which bakes the blue panel and that is why you start getting a yellow picture. Panels can be replaced, but cost almost as much as the projector.

  12. iamwarrior99 says:

    my lcd projector …
    my lcd projector was great when I first got it. but in almost two years the picture started to turn blue. a couple of days ago I got a dlp projector sharp xr30x and the picture is far more superior to the lcd. I’m never getting another lcd projector. on the lcd the resolution lines were highly visible. with my dlp the only time I see the resolution lines is when I’m real close hdtv looks incredible I would not advise anyone to get an lcd,dlp owns.

  13. peaceinstiches says:

    Is this propaganda?
    Is this propaganda?

  14. Poisonsting22 says:

    I HAVE AN SAMSUNG DLP PROJECTOR and playin my ps3 on it its INAZING

  15. fendy26 says:

    when would ‘dlp’ …
    when would ‘dlp’ introduce for laptop computers for apple macbook or others?

  16. zig8100 says:

    Plasma sucks . …
    Plasma sucks . When it starts lookin YELLOW after 2 yrs then say something. Cant even play video games PLASMA . DLP is way better then plasma and lcd. Feel sorry for u plasma and lcd owners who will be throwing away your tv in 4-5 years. Whats the use of having a flat panel if your going to put on a STAND??? LOL stupid people. Just to say u got a flat panel? LOL. DLP rules. Bye.

  17. pyecraft says:

    Awesome, I bet the …
    Awesome, I bet the PS3 looks beautiful on there. The contrast and picture quality rocks.

  18. pyecraft says:

    Can’t you hook up a …
    Can’t you hook up a DLP projector to the laptop? Or are you asking when the monitors on the laptop will be DLP tiny mirror technology?

  19. TKSnatch says:

    Yes, this is so …
    Yes, this is so bias.

  20. gladiatornot says:

    whooo 5,000 hours …
    whooo 5,000 hours no such thing true life projectors (dlp)on economy mode on lamp use last at an average 3,000 hours. i have a $600 viewsonic dlp projector(top quality).Lcd projectors are not good for films and they also dont last long (as in lamp life)

  21. Martina says:

    This micro electro system is very nice product and is usefull lot of works.

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