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NEC Electronics USB2.0 Compatible All-Flash Micro Computers

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NEC Electronics has commercialized a micro computer that comes with a built-in 32 bit flash memory and features a USB 2.0 communication function loaded on a single chip with a maximum data transfer rate of 12 mega bits per second.
The new product is a micro computer with a USB 2.0 communication controller function integrated on a flash micro computer that is equipped with the “V850ES” 32-bit CPU core. Two types of functions are integrated on a single chip including a host controller for the host device and a function controller for peripheral devices, and as a result, a system that enables USB connections without an externally mounted USB chip can be built. The operating frequency of the CPU core was increased to 48 mega hertz, which is roughly 1.5 times faster than that of conventional V850ES core products, and the CPU core also achieves high speed performance of 98MIPS.
The main market for this product includes printers and audio devices that have USB communication functions.
The top end products are the “V850ES and JH-3U”, and the price for samples of these products is 1,000 yen per unit. M production of the new micro computer is slated to start in November of this year and we plan to reach a monthly production level of 1 million units by March 2010.

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