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This is a video of a private server called MeMS. This server is pretty fun and features an interesting new feature called Rebirth. When your character hits 200 you can rebirth to level 1 and keep your skills from the previous job!

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  1. DS2productions says:

    MeMs has a trojan …
    MeMs has a trojan infostealer in it so noone download it. My norton detected it =(

  2. Teddycatz says:

    Hm…. i think i’ll …
    Hm…. i think i’ll try joining Mems, I think the times of people summoning horntails are countless, because i saw Mems’s Gm’s video, IT WAS A GRAND SPAM of HUGE HORNTAILS!

  3. Aphroditeyy says:

    CelestialSky, used …
    CelestialSky, used to be aphrodite

  4. 2Nooobs1Fraps says:

    We really haven’t …
    We really haven’t played a private server in a long time. Can’t answer many of your questions. Please watch our other videos they are much better.

  5. cutie333334 says:


  6. drkzz1 says:

    zzzzzz u mus hve …
    zzzzzz u mus hve firefox to open tht web

  7. iameggs says:

    anyone play pc …
    anyone play pc maple if you do tell gm lexi it was wrong to banned my character becacuse she though i looked nooby my person’s name is MageOfDiva

  8. egi94 says:

    wuts ur char name?
    wuts ur char name?

  9. dudeflash45 says:

    where can i …
    where can i download MeMS?

  10. coolbooty90 says:

    cna someone tell me …
    cna someone tell me where to download reply on channel

  11. 247GAMER says:

    MEMS is shit
    MEMS is shit

  12. egi94 says:

    my frend has .57, …
    my frend has .57, and he’s playing as i type

  13. shinelava says:

    why i cant download …
    why i cant download this game in file front why? pls help me help me i cant download this game in filefront?!?!

  14. shinelava says:

    this is the game …
    this is the game call gems this game can buy free thing in chash shop rite and kill one moster up 2 lvl rite?

  15. ghostboy37 says:

    is mems the same …
    is mems the same thing as odin ms? cuz when i tried to dl the whole thing it went to the odin ms download link so someone tell me.

  16. egi94 says:

    my frend has .57, …
    my frend has .57, and he’s playing as i type

  17. monkeyhat123 says:

    umm actually when …
    umm actually when you rebirth you are lvl 8 -_-

  18. Aphroditeyy says:

    Lol, This was back …
    Lol, This was back when we where doing a back up and everything would be errased so we dropped crap loads of gm hats and had tons of nx events<3 there was no limits on what we gm’s could do. except we still couldnt ban, jail, abuse players with out reason =[ BUT IT WAS STILL FUN :D

  19. royboy266 says:

    how u get gachapon …
    how u get gachapon tickets?

  20. 2Nooobs1Fraps says:

    If you have the …
    If you have the latest patch of MapleStory it won’t work because not many private servers (if any) have updated to patch .57. I suggest playing GMS in the meantime while waiting for the private servers to update. Oh and don’t forget to check out the other videos!

  21. unknown45544554 says:

    Guys can u help me. …
    Guys can u help me. I downloaded MeMs and put in my maplestory folder in nexon folder. When i start it it launches and make the screen black as usual but then it just comes off before i see the wizet logo and login screen? What is wrong with my computer or the server, i dont know. Thats why i turned for help to you guys. It would be great for me if you guys showed how to solve with a video, but if u cant than just like type intructions. Either way is fine. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.=)

  22. mason9236 says:

    You really are my …
    You really are my Ecstasy! ATB ftw! hahah, Tajh you rule! =D


    lol i remember that …
    lol i remember that day
    they rolled us back right after

  24. Ahead818 says:

    This is the best …
    This is the best private server on the internet if you find me a better one i’ll eat my shoes rebirthing is awesome and nx doesn’t matter

  25. o2krzy4u says:

    lol kirby music, …
    lol kirby music, nice. i should know since i had the game xD

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