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MEMS Robot from the University of Warterloo

A University of Waterloo engineering research team has developed the world’s first flying microrobot capable of manipulating objects for microscale applications.

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  1. windblows33 says:

    some UFO-like music …
    some UFO-like music will be perfect for this video

  2. apella88 says:

    shame they didn’t …
    shame they didn’t show the use of the little “grabbing arm”, I would have liked to see it in use, or does the heating of the material just take to long?

  3. Doppelgangergang says:

    Great! Now what can …
    Great! Now what can it do?

  4. ParsleyRF says:

    It aye the first …
    It aye the first small victory.
    …and turn to the left or right? Move to forward, back…

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