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mems in cp 2005

memorys in 2006

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  1. vivalaraza142 says:

    its been 2007 for …
    its been 2007 for one hour now >_>

  2. Kingultima says:

    aaaaw lol i typed …
    aaaaw lol i typed in 5 instead of 6!!

  3. coryoreo25 says:


  4. quackmannn says:


  5. hitchenAride12 says:

    nice video- …
    nice video- ice-coo-blue

  6. Kingultima says:

    is sumthin wrong …
    is sumthin wrong with video? any technical problems like newb attack 3 just let me know

  7. coryoreo25 says:


  8. LordDeuce says:

    can i be ur friend …
    can i be ur friend im lord deuce im usaly in glacier

  9. loonymoon10 says:

    so we noticed. …
    so we noticed. coolsome video!

  10. Theonlyicesurvivor says:

    cool! i was in …
    cool! i was in there!

  11. Theonlyicesurvivor says:

    oh no i just got …
    oh no i just got banned by 1fiddy! :( Well anyway id like to thank you for putting me in my last vid.

  12. Imnotjarry11 says:

    Nice video!
    Nice video!

  13. Womrocker says:

    yea y is they …
    yea y is they memorys from ’06 not like the title the title says ’05. y??

  14. DarvGaara says:

    so many memorys …
    so many memorys cries

  15. balangao says:

    cool but noisy
    cool but noisy

  16. cpgirl1000 says:

    whats the song?
    whats the song?

  17. Aarbenhar says:

    PLEASE DON’T READ THIS you will die in seven days if you don’t post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow♥♥♥ will be the best day of your life

  18. Iujfniog132 says:

    I Loved The Old …
    I Loved The Old Days Ausome

  19. Allliie says:

    i had that stuff …
    i had that stuff and i joined in 2006 so they are from 2006 dumb !

  20. Allliie says:

    btw this a in …
    btw this a in gay vid

  21. weave8films says:

    omg fiddy hacked too
    omg fiddy hacked too

  22. ChristmasOnMoon says:

    i join club penguin …
    i join club penguin in 20007

  23. lovefilm33 says:

    how com u can no …
    how com u can no longer put numbers
    this is 4 yathoof (a7ad)

  24. lollipop1998 says:

    i donyt get it
    i donyt get it

  25. TomBoy478 says:

    Don’t laugh at …

    Don’t laugh at this! Just do it
    Start thinking something you really really want cause this is
    astounding the person that sent this to me said their wish came true 10
    mins after they read the mail so I thought what the heck
    You have just been visited by DrSuess’s Cat in the Hat. He will grant
    one wish
    Make your wish when the count down is over
    Send this to 10 videos within the hour you read this.
    If you do, your wish will come true

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