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MEMS Dust – No Batteries Required

MEMS, the nanotechnology which is currently taking the world by storm, has been the focus of Ritsumeikan University for a while.
They have developed a SNA-MEMS, using RFID systems, which doesn’t require batteries or wires and is packed out with a wide variety of tools.

“Inside this MEMS we’re going to integrate all elements of MEMS technology- Sensors and actuators, memory and logic, power, and finally a high frequency transmission field. These elements are going to be integrated onto a single chip- that is the concept.”

The SNA-MEMS has RF communication components and would be useful in many fields, for example medical, security, environment, transport, and agriculture.

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  1. HuntAllDayX says:


  2. COROVICD says:

    I hope this video …
    I hope this video attracts some real MEMS experts, whom I would like to ask a question.

    Is Casimir force a significant problem for MEMS devices, or just a little nagging one.

  3. Newtoon says:

    It is actually a …
    It is actually a problem and scientists begin to find solutions.

    Look for “Physicists Tweak Quantum Force, Reducing Barrier To Tiny Devices” in Google.

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