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Mems – Bye Bye Chippy

Mems – Bye Bye Chippy

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  1. ycrazzee says:

    how can you say …
    how can you say chipmunks not the best yunga
    when he’s made more

    :money den any other yunga
    :More radio shows den any other yunga
    :more myspace play and views den any other
    :hes already signed

    he dominates the grime scene
    no1 can argue dat unless your on mtv base aswell ahlie? lol

    but i aint guna lie your quite sik but dont try send for chipmunk like he’s even guna hear dis..

  2. Wretsler says:

    all actin bad eatin …
    all actin bad eatin biscuits makin ppl mad if i was a mc i would of sent long time

  3. rookie1405 says:

    LOL chipmunk eatin …
    LOL chipmunk eatin while talkin makes me laugh

  4. bubblez5829 says:

    Chippy’s shitt yuuh …
    Chippy’s shitt yuuh saii??.x
    iiz dat why nowunn knos yuuh and hes
    done a chune wivv N-Dubbz.x
    And yuuh guys havv summ shitt cusses.x

    ‘U look lyk an afghan E.T’..Seriousliee cuzz no disrespect but seriously.x

  5. lillaughingal says:

    nah fam
    1. u’z …

    nah fam
    1. u’z needs to SHUT YA MOUT
    2. HU’Z MEMS DOE
    kmt dnt make me have to find a way to slap u like we do in AFRICA


  6. gbizzle19 says:

    i aint gona lie …
    i aint gona lie brudda ur probly a cold mc but dont try n get in2 da game lik dis,clashing chipmunk doesnt mak u big cuz,if u fink ur dat gud go against griminal init,n stop talkin bout if my man slips n south he’l get robbed n dat coz its da same 4 u g,u get caught in tottenham trus it wont b a happy experience 4 u lol but do ur ting stil,i aint gona lie,after dis riddim i aint herd u since brudda man lol,wen it comes 2 south no1 gives a bout u unless ur in otb or sn1 rite now

  7. prodicallive says:

    im chipmunk fan but …
    im chipmunk fan but dis mems killed it. never heard of him b4

  8. Sboi11 says:

    what was the …
    what was the freestyle that chipmunk was spraying

  9. krazesmg says:

    oi eazzi big up …
    oi eazzi big up mems 4 dis track chippy is a batty man so shut ur mouth big up mems 4 dis track!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lillaughingal says:

    oi fool
    y u …

    oi fool
    y u gunnin chipmunk 4….wat the did he do 2 u….jus cos he makin mor cheese den u no neeed to b hatin…like he sed


    am guesin u aint sent
    i suggest u SHUT YA FUKIN MOUTH cos am pretty sure u aint da best lookin guy cos u cnt put a pic of ur self up on da video
    fukin wasteman


  11. codefend08 says:

    a good slew chipy …
    a good slew chipy is overly bigheaded but my man went lil ott

  12. DntWtchThat says:

    his barz are hot …
    his barz are hot doe
    chipps still beta in my opinion

  13. WifeyChaotic says:

    Where In 64 Bar …
    Where In 64 Bar Statement
    Does Chipy Did Mems??

    Tell Me

    I Only Heard
    Forget Mims Its Chippy Thats Hot.

    Thats All I Heard. Still

  14. WifeyChaotic says:

    Who Da Rass Is Mems …
    Who Da Rass Is Mems.
    Bout Chippy’s Butters.
    Low Dat Still.
    Chippy Could Merk Him Anyday.
    Nobody’s HEard Of This Prik.
    ‘Who Are You’
    That Was A Banger, On Road Mans
    Were Listening To That For Time.
    Every GrimeMC Is Gonna Go On Bout
    They The Best.
    It’s Called Confdence And Not Showing
    Your Weak In The Game.
    If You Made A Track Bout Every Mc
    That Said They Was The Best
    You Would End Up In An Early Grave.
    Llow This Man

  15. mzdizziiebossmiss says:

    dis is sad man jus …
    dis is sad man jus cuz he aint known he tryna take chipmunk wit him waste man && if chip is dissn him he dont name him so idk y he being a 4 stop MEM?? who r u bitch

  16. rooneyzwifey says:

    ur head looks lyk a …
    ur head looks lyk a bck off loooool joka check my vid 2 see wat mems ad 2 say bout the beef in peterborough !

  17. greeniy2k7 says:

    no u dik ed mems …
    no u dik ed mems got beef wif im if u listen to chippys 64 bar statement he disses mems

  18. cherice2k7 says:

    bunk bed head …
    bunk bed head LOOOOOOOOOL

  19. olton7 says:

    man sayes he ent …
    man sayes he ent heard no bangers from chippy..blud i never heard mems name a banger either

  20. fpkbanger says:

    lol dis was da most …
    lol dis was da most shittest send i’ve eva heard omg my man has got sum off point flow and bars wat a omg mc str8 lol “your only known cos your 16” wat a prick

  21. bradfox2008 says:

    this trakc is fukin …
    this trakc is fukin weak man
    y send 4 chippy tryna bite off him man
    mems is a waste
    just coz chip is makin movements unlike dis wasterrr

  22. razow123 says:

    dis is jokes
    dis is jokes

  23. FShanola says:

    Rahhhh berr …
    Rahhhh berr jealousy…dere was no reason for dis dude 2 send for Chipmunk in first place…Practically every grime mc says their the best, how can u send for sumone ova that??? This guy is a loser….sum nobody that IS tryna get a name for himself off of Chimpunk.

  24. danepoore says:

    yeah true still. …
    yeah true still. ive seen mems in ldn and his in no position to be talkin about butters , he is soo butters his like spread i could put him bread

  25. POT3NTIAL says:

    dis is jokes

    but …
    dis is jokes

    but for real he only sent for him to get a name =\

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