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laser tv projector (without MEMS) radar camera printer

This scanning video technique is quite different from LCD projectors. 25 frames of real-time pictures per second can be performed on any screen by a 0.1 mW laser pointer without MEMS. Beam is modulated with TV video signal and scanned with mirrors. Horizontal scanning freq. 15625Hz; Vertical scanning freq. 50Hz.
Colour video is possible with RGB laser. Dimensions of the picture increases with distance and limited only by the capacity of the laser source.
Fields of application: Video monitoring (TV,cinema, etc.), large scale projections (advertisement, home cinema, projectors,disco lights); printers without toner; fast scanning data recorders (CD,DVD, etc. without motors); receiving systems (scanner, camera, detector, radar… replacing the laser with a photomultiplier), and many other real-time, real-space scientific, medical, commercial, industrial, military applications of scanning radiation.

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  1. warehard says:

    Good! very nice~~
    Good! very nice~~

  2. cfavreau says:

    Any details? This …
    Any details? This is really cool. The best scanning I have seen with mirrors I have seen. Do you have a project page? I would be very interested to build a projector.

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