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Okayama University’s Artificial Muscle

DigInfo: http://movie.diginfo.tv – With the increasing elderly population who need physical istance moving around, Okayama University is working on a Mckibben Artificial Muscle system that uses air pressure to help the elderly and disabled move. The system consists of a thin mesh over a rubber tube that expands and contracts like real muscles as air is pumped into it. This can help improve people’s grip and even help people who can’t stand stand up. Since it mimics the natural muscle behavior this technology is appealing but there are a few drawbacks still to fix such as the weight and size of the compressed air generator and control unit as well as precision controls for fine motions.

Duration : 0:1:33

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  1. mrplease66 says:

    someone’s had a …
    someone’s had a lobotomy, and thought no one would notice.

  2. s17overwatch says:


  3. s17overwatch says:

    rofl lmfao that’s …
    rofl lmfao that’s hilarious!

  4. coolhandluke2401 says:

    A better technology …
    A better technology is on the way in the form of electrically stimulated polymers, which should provide many times the force of human muscle per unit volume..

  5. 7410n0 says:


  6. trufuknplaya101 says:

    this guy talks like …
    this guy talks like he has down syndrome

  7. anaterre says:

    hello, I work for …
    o, I work for an exhibition on textiles and new materials … how it works your experience? I would like to understand … you can contact me? Good day!

  8. Jjunior130 says:

    lmfao 1:15-1:18 xD …
    lmfao 1:15-1:18 xD i think i know y these ppl want to make this technology ;D

  9. paul32994 says:


  10. jerms88 says:

    0:04… Robot boner!
    0:04… Robot boner!

  11. PortaleMedia says:

    electrical muscles …
    electrical muscles are better, main target is build a material with the same preformance level as real muscles (I hope even better!!!).

    pneumatic muscles are powerful, but no reliable….as muscles…jejejeje

    Anyway, this air muscles rocks, xD

  12. lynlimer says:

    Imagin …

    Imagin prosthesis whit this kind of artificial muscle,
    and its frame as a compressed air tank.
    Whit max efficient of the pnaumatic, it may work for a whole day.

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