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Mystery Micro Objects #4 – UFO; Morgellons; Microchip ?

Can you help identify this object?

Watch this strange unidentified object as it releases a translucent gel like hexagon from a crystal cup.
These strange microscopic objects were found in skin lesions of a person who suffers from both Lyme Disease and Morgellons. She also lives directly under a flight path of a major airport and near a 2001 hazmat event involving a (glycol) spill that required bioremediation.

I will be posting a few additional videos showing the objects glow (mirrors?) when in contact with metal; and have moving components (possibly nano. Please note the duel/split antennas and the fork tongue serpent on the back sides. Any info on this object is appreciated. If privacy is an issue email: chaosonline7@gmail.com

Duration : 0:1:33

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  1. lucywarner says:

    Your friend is sick …
    Your friend is sick, it might be an allergy to the metal in that object. Get the object tested right away. She might walk away well.
    She might have metal or toxic poisoning. Just my point of view. If you want to live, you have to fight for your life.

  2. Metania01 says:


  3. JordanProtocell says:

    Forget what I said …
    Forget what I said about the hair… these are mica crystals partially embedded in the skin (simple pressure on edge would make them stick). Mica falls apart in hexagonal leaflets just as it did after handling with the needle.

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