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Mystery Micro Objects #1 – UFO; Morgellons; Microchip ?

These strange microscopic objects were found in skin lesions of a person who suffers from both Lyme Disease and Morgellons. She also lives directly under a flight path of a major airport and near a 2001 hazmat event involving a (glycol) spill that required bioremediation.

I will be posting a few additional videos showing the objects glow (mirrors?) when in contact with metal; have moving components (possibly nano) and eject a translucent hexagon from a crystal like cup. Please note the duel/split antennas and the fork tongue serpent on the back sides. Any info on this object is appreciated. If privacy is an issue email: chaosonline7@gmail.com

Duration : 0:3:28

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  1. fatty32fatty says:

    something wrong …
    something wrong with my foot have scar and dont remember hurting self and now very ichty

  2. alqaidaC4 says:

    if its not some old …
    if its not some old cd. than is a micro ufo. but whit some parts mising. i dont kniw what hapend whit that obeckt but it should of been round. if u want consider it ufo.

  3. thegreema1 says:

    Nano Machine or …
    Nano Machine or something from another planet.

  4. pmmcc says:

    ..uhhh….dude… …
    ..uhhh….dude…maybe it’s just a piece from a mirror

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