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Micro Titanium Needle

A research team at Tokai University has developed a manufacturing technology capable of producing tubes with external diameters ranging between 30 to 200 microns and internal diameters between 20 and 100 microns.

The goal of the university research team was to invent a blood-sampling device using BioMEMS (biological microelectromechanical systems) technology featuring an extremely fine tube, and a design that mimics the blood aspiration mechanism of a female mosquito. This new needle technology makes it possible to collect less than 1 micro liter of blood when checking blood sugar levels thereby improving the comfort of the patient.

The features of this new production technology include its use of precious metals that have high melting points as the tube material, which is then deposited on a linear surface. Subsequently, only the surface material is removed to create a hollow structure. This technology reduces defects, improves rigidity, and can produce complex forms coated with pharmaceutical agents.

By depositing films of functional materials at regular intervals on the extra-fine tubes using this same production technology, it is possible to develop extra-fine tubes which allow fluid to flow within them.

Featuring both fluid supply and removal functions, these extra-fine tubes have a wide range of applications in the medical and pharmaceutical fields including their use as painless injection needles, and fluid delivery pumps.

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