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Future Dentistry and Health Care – keynote to dentists and dental profession on imaging, diagnostics, treatment, prevention, manufacturing, motivation, leadership, change management, dental practice. Conference keynote speaker Dr Patrick Dixon for 3M

http://www.globalchange.com Future of dentistry, dentists and dental practice. Lessons from health care trends and the digital revolution. Future dental technology, diagnostics and three 3 dimensional dental imaging. Future oral health care and prevention. Future prosthetics and manufacturing, modelling. Speed of change. New dental practice software and dental office systems, and change management. Emotion matters in dentistry. Video by Patrick Dixon, author Futurewise, conference keynote speaker on future of dentistry and dental health care for 3M clients. Public image of dentists and why people hate going to the dentist. Negative image of dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry and bridge repairs. New polymers and nanotechnology, nanoparticle. Future of health care — lessons for dental practice — shift from disease to prevention and performance / wellbeing. Preventing ageing in health and dentistry. Tissue regeneration and growing new teeth using stem cells. Cures for blindness, stroke and heart repair using stem cells. Growing new teeth using adult stem cells. Convergence of dental imaging technologies. Innovation in dentistry manufacturing. Make it simple for workers in dental laboratories. Online marketing of dental practices. Client-orientated dental care. Lessons from software and mobile phone manufacturers about need for reliability and simple design. Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and Web 2.0 communties impact on health care demand and client health knowledge. Building trust, image and protecting professional reputation. Dentures manufacture of crowns and bridges. Leadership and secrets of change management. Team leadership in dental practice — with office, laboratory technicians. Connecting with p ions people have — to help themselves and their families, to make a difference to other people they care about and p ions for our wider world.
Dentists, dentistry, dental practice, health care, imaging, diagnostics, bridge, prosthetics, oral care, prevention, dentures, laboratory, technicians, diagnosis, treatment, crowns, bridges

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  1. pjvdixon says:

    This is the …
    This is the complete 35 minute video of client presentation to 150 leading dentists organised by 3M. Slices of this video are also available. Please do comment and rate the video as it helps others find what is helpful.

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