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2010-01-19 The first Comb-drive experiment in SUT Thailand (Winai Wanburee SUT-SLRI)

This video shows the first comb-drive actuator experiment in Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand performed on Tuesday 19th January 2010. This electrostatically driven comb-drive actuator had 19 fingers of rotor with 30 microns width of each finger. It was fabricated by synchrotron x-ray lithography technique at micromachining lab, the Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand by Winai Wanburee, a graduate student from the Suranaree University of Technology (Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering Program). The patterns was 300 micron-high. The fingers of stator was grounded and the fingers of rotor were biased with several level of DC voltage 1 Hz pulses.

For more information please contact Dr.Nimit Chomnawang , Email: sut.mems@gmail.com

Duration : 0:2:1

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