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The first MEMS micro motor experiment in Thailand (Pittaya Deekla SUT-SLRI on 07-Nov-2009)

This video shows the first micro motor experiment in Thailand performed on Saturday 7 th November 2009. This electrostatically driven micro motor had a rotor with a diameter of 0.88 millimeters. It consisted of 8 poles driven by 12 stator poles. It was fabricated by synchrotron x-ray lithography technique at micromachining lab, the Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand by Pittaya Deekla, a graduate student from the Suranaree University of Technology (Master of Electrical Engineering Program). The stator was 300 micron-high and the rotor was 315 micron-high. The rotor was grounded and the stator poles were biased sequentially with 600 VDC 2 Hz pulses.

For more information please contact Dr.Nimit Chomnawang , Email: sut.mems@gmail.com

Duration : 0:1:24

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  1. ZeeOut9 says:

    Micro-motor is the …
    Micro-motor is the micro-machine that change electricity power to mechanical power by rotation of its stator. Although your testing is not successful now, but it give the hope to be the first micro-machine in THA.

    Keep it Up…..

  2. ZeeOut9 says:


  3. einsteinee9 says:

    Very good, I’ll …
    Very good, I’ll wait to see the others MEMS devices that they are experiment in Thailand

  4. jack nano says:

    Congratulation to Arjarn Nimit and his colleague!
    It is a first step of MEMs in Thailand.
    Please keep go on.

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