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What is the best nanotechnology investment to get into?

Looking into the stock market for nanotechnology investments.

Nanobots within the blood stream to keep the veins and arteries clear of clots and fatty deposits…..A.S.A.P.!

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  1. webb51731 says:

    the owned by Dick Cheney
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  2. bradvanconantii says:

    Nanobots within the blood stream to keep the veins and arteries clear of clots and fatty deposits…..A.S.A.P.!
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    Inside my head!

  3. q a says:

    my personal favourite are the following ..
    tiny, smmx, hw…
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  4. Scared to life says:

    Cancer medicine. It’s the only technology that’s sure to have a use and not be shot down by the FDA, CIA or NSA. Better buy now, cause they’re working an a Nano drug that pretends to be food for cancer cells, and it’s just small enough to enter into the pores of a cancer cell, but too large to fit into the good cells, and once it’s in, it goes off like a bomb, giving 100x the normal dose of Chemo to the cells. It targets them specifically, so there’s no wasted drug, and the person won’t be sick as with normal Chemo. It’s awesome and it’s on the verge of finalization… so hurry up!
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    Oh, well, nano processors are going somewhere too though.

  5. yarnlady_needsyarn says:

    Search for an answer to your question on the following search lists:
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  6. muncie birder says:

    Nanotechnology is just in its infancy. That means among other things that 90% of the companies involved in it will not be around in 5 years. Of course in the mean time some of the stock will double and triple in price based on rumor or what not. It is sort of like playing craps.

    You might look at TINY as another responder suggested. But I would not.
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