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Original Biotech Rap (R. enzymes) skip first 20sec!

Before there was notorious G.F.P. There was Biotech Nation. Straight out of da T.dot Murder High biatch

R.Enzyme Lyrics:

For some people it is quite hard to tell/
The roles of enzymes in bacterial cells/
It’s used for protection to stop the invasion/
of foreign vexation DNA infestation/

It used to be a fact of life that we would run/
When viral phages would prey on our young/
When one lives by the hour never think about the days/
When our population will never reach stationary phase/

The restriction enzymes searches the grand genome/
Cuts the DNA sites arranged in pallindromes/
Cleaving the bonds in the right location
Yielding ‘sticky’ ends in the final conclusion

Restrictions enzymes have different categories/
Type I and III got no specificity/
Cutting here and there sometimes quite randomly/
This is how it works, yo im talking seriously/

Type II enzymes work differently/
Cutting DNA with amazing accuracy/
This is what differs these identities/
Type II is useful not type I or III

Yo wait wait wait wait…I don’t think you understand how serious this stuff is. (hahaha) You mallidrome, show this kid who’s boss. Yea. Lay it down.

Yo man my rhymes will leave you scattered in pieces/
Like DNA fragments through electrophoresis/
I come to my thesis based on your gel reading/
Fragment position due to number of base pairings/

Your DNA is cut-up but don’t be afraid/
Yo Jackteria has an enzyme called ligase/
An enzyme that will definitely heal you uppp/
Every single time you go out to hit them uppp/

Biotech is a teaching of the future not the past/
This stuff can be a mystery but I must stay on task/
I am always watching the sky in hopes to unmask/
Always waiting for an answer every time I ask…/

(What’s biotech) when it has no representation?/
(What’s biotech) lords of creation the biotech nation/
(What’s biotech) Playing with life based on our life based on our own vision/
(What’s biotech)We will for sure face eternal ation!/

Yea I don’t know myself man. You know sometimes you ask yourself. What is biotech? Who can answer that you know? Not me…I know that.

They think they so hot injecting foreign DNA/
Ill shank them at their palindrome TGATCA/
These restriction enzymes can’t possibly touch me/
I got methylation, yea CH3/ whoo

Yo this right here is truly history in the making.

See methylation is the modification of DNA/
It screws the restriction enzymes recognition leaving it no way/
Structural modification leads to R. enzyme confusion/
I’m tough but I thank one thing for my cozy condition/
And that’s my man SAM, S-adenosine-methodine/
It’s the source of methyl, definitely one of a kind/

SAM is quite the unstable guy it aint a fable/
When it comes to bringing methyl to the table it’s quite able/

Yep, It’s time for biotech man, restriction enzymes got all the time in the world, give it a twirl,, let’s goo biotech, feel the flow,

yeah yeah I’m feeling it man, yo you know what I’m saying, straight up, biotech. That’s our life yo, what can I say. Yea yea I know what you guys are saying, I can feel it too.

It’s a vibe, it’s going all through you. You can’t see, it’s all there, it’s biotech yo

yo yo I know what you be talking about, yo, wor- word up

Now I hope you learn something from this presentation/
A creative representation for the biotech population/


Duration : 0:6:9

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  1. ChurchHatesTucker says:

    Best biotech rap …
    Best biotech rap video I’ve seen today!

  2. dlcisaballer says:

    yo cut out the …
    yo cut out the black at the beginning and repost this.

  3. redfred666 says:

    where can I …
    where can I download this music ??

  4. ClawOdd says:

    please let me join …
    please let me join your label.

  5. yburnaej2 says:

    can you post the …
    can you post the lyrics?

  6. szeatam says:

    yea sure.
    yea sure.

  7. Technosauria says:

    this is too much …
    this is too much for me!xDD

  8. nazmus says:

    where did u record …
    where did u record lol pretty good quality

  9. ubaris3 says:

    Asiatic people is …
    Asiatic people is not smart people….

  10. triazncatalyst says:

    you have made a …
    you have made a humourous and very ironic statement, seeing as how you have no grammar and how you twisted a common stereotype. But i still have you say, you wipe

  11. szeatam says:


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