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Smart Polymer Systems 2011

Event Details:

Start date : May 25, 2011
End date : May 26, 2011
Location : Mainz, Germany
Organized by : iSmithers Rapra

Event Description:

Nowadays so called "smart" or "intelligent" materials are breaking new ground in everything from medicine and sportswear to food packaging and the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Prepared from thermo-, light-responsive, or pH-sensitive polymer systems, smart materials get their name by responding to small external stimuli with dramatic and predictable structural changes.

The commercial possibilities are literally endless. Whether it be yielding the next blockbuster cancer drug, tagging for food packaging or crime prevention, smart technologies are lucrative and ripe for the taking.

iSmithers’ second Smart Polymers conference aims to highlight the most recent advances and developments in this rapidly evolving field, and to provide attendees with a broad and comprehensive outlook on the emerging trends, perspectives, and limitations of the technological applications of various classes of stimuli-responsive polymer materials.

The conference aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state-of-the-art in the field and demonstrate, via a range of case studies and contributions from leading researchers, how companies might capitalise on this emerging technology.

iSmithers is currently recruiting speakers for this Smart Polymers conference so if this is your area of expertise please consider submitting a paper.

What topics are going to be presented at the conference?

Specifically, Smart Polymers will cover stimulus responsive polymers applied to layer-by-layer (LBL) thin films and capsules, tethered polymer layers, self-assembled amphiphilic molecules, membranes, nanogels, surface-modified nanoparticles, and hybrid systems – all areas in which significant progress has been achieved over the last 5 years. Recent findings involve new kinds of functionalities, materials responsive to stimuli such as light, electrical and magnetic fields, composites of synthetic and biomolecular materials, hierarchically-organized complex systems with multiple responses, and systems capable of processing multiple signals. This conference will be split into two distinct areas; general and biomedical. Papers are being particularly welcomed on:

  • Sensing/ sensors
  • Intelligent textiles
  • Actuators
  • Smart Coatings
  • Wetting and Adhesion
  • Hierarchically Structured Composites
  • Stimuli-Responsive Colloidal systems
  • Biomolecular patterning
  • Drug delivery
  • In vivo gene delivery
  • Nanoparticles
  • Biomembranes
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Stents
  • Industry case studies and current academic research are welcomed for both days of the conference.

Map for The event

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