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NanoMed 2010 – 7th International Conference on Biomedical Applications of Nanotechnology

Event Details:

Start date : December 02, 2010
End date : December 03, 2010
Location : Logenhaus, Berlin
Organized by : cc-NanoChem e. V.

Event Description:

The development of nanomedicine is continuing with increasing pace. Nearly
o­n a day-to-day basis new groundbreaking results Burberry Scarf from basic research are
reported. More and more nanomedical concepts are entering into the phase of
clinical studies, and the first nanotechnology-based medical products have been
approved by the regulatory authorities.

In December 2010, experts from all over the world will gather for the 7th NanoMed
conference in Berlin to discuss the state of Burberry Scarf sale the art in biomedical applications
of nanotechnology. The NanoMed conference series started in 1999 and has since
developed into o­ne of the Burberry Scarf uk international lead events in this field.

NanoMed Focus Topic 2010 – Nanotechnology-Enabled Diagnosis and
Treatment of Cancer

Every day, the world over, 20,000 people die from cancer. Therefore, understanding
the mechanisms of this ailment, and Burberry sale developing novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic
approaches is o­ne of the main challenges for modern medical basic research.
Nanotechnology can provide a wide range of new weapons against this fatal enemy:
a new generation of specific biosensors, innovative Burberry uk outlet imaging techniques, tumor
treatment by hyperthermia, targeted nanoparticle-based drug and gene delivery
to tumor sites, and photothermy, to name a few.

About a third of the lectures and contributions of the NanoMed 2010 will be
dedicated to this subject.

Covering the entire range of nanomedicine

Beyond the Focus Topic, the scope of the conference covers the entire range
of nanomedical applications of nanotechnology, including, among others,

  • drug delivery, targeting and controlled release
  • innovative dental materials
  • nanobioanalytics and diagnostic techniques based thereupon
  • nanomaterials for implants and regenerative medicine
  • microbicidal coatings for sterility, general hygiene and drug packaging
  • novel contrast agents
  • miniaturization of biochips, and
  • bio-labelling with quantum dots

Map for The event

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