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Nano Cement, Steel and Construction Industries Conference

Event Details:

Start date : May 16, 2010
End date : May 17, 2010
Location : Cairo Marriott Hotel, Cairo
Organized by : SabryCorp Ltd. for Science and Development

Event Description:

Nanotechnology is the dawn of construction technology for the new millennium.
It promises to enable architectural and engineering feats as marvelous and inspiring
for our present age as the construction of the pyramids were for the Ancient
World. The goal of the Nano Cement, Steel and Construction Industries Conference
is simple but bold: to bring together preeminent nanoscientists and industry
visionaries leading the booming high-tech construction industry to begin to
use nanotech “smart” technology to build the smart cities of tomorrow.

This conference will cover the impact of nanotechnology on the construction
industry. It provides an overview of nano-applications in concrete, steel, refractories,
glass, coatings, and the environment. Construction industry and nanotechnology
experts will discuss the uptake of nanotechnology by the industry and directions
of research and development for this sector.

Nanotechnology offers profound innovations that serve the full spectrum of
construction: from the spectacular luxury homes and offices of the elite, to
sustainable construction for the middle-classes and the poor that is both cost-effective
and environmentally-friendly.

We invite engineers, architects, designers, scientists, nanotech companies,
policy makers and investors to join us in Cairo in 2010 as we meet to discuss
the implications of nanotechnology on the cement, steel and construction industries,
with special emphasis on Green nanotechnologies and nano-construction for emerging

Map for The event

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